Part 3 – Three opinion pieces in the AJC – Meria Carstarphen, Ed Johnson and Maureen Downey

Robert Stockwell has summarized three brief articles published today on the AJC focusing on the opening of the APS 2015 – 2015 academic year. I was especially pleased to see that the AJC published the article by Ed Johnson, who has much to say about system transformation.

Financial Deconstruction

The Atlanta Journal Constitution published three opinion pieces today and the authors include Atlanta Public School Superintendent Meria Carstarphen, business consultant and former Board of Education candidate Ed Johnson and AJC Get Schooled blog author Maureen Downey. All three are a must read in their entirety as APS is about to start a new school year this coming Monday, August 4th.

The following is part three of a three part series (see part 1 here and part 2 here) and contains some excerpts from Maureen Downey’s article titled “A new chapter for APS” (behind pay wall):

While it matters what Carstarphen does, it matters more what she enables her principals and teachers to do.

Her job is more than recruiting top principals and teachers; she has to ensure they’re trained to succeed in urban classrooms by providing them with the ongoing support necessary to deal…

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