Georgia: Time to Reform the Reformers

This is another key article from Georgia educators providing evidence that questions the assumptions and actions of so called Ed reformers including Duncan, Gates, the Walton’s and Broad.

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In this post, Jim Arnold and Peter Smagorinsky dissect the myths and baloney of the reformers. The “reformers” love to talk about the good old days and about how schools were so much better back then. As the authors demonstrate, those “good old days” weren’t good for everyone–especially when there were grown men running around in white gowns and pointy hats. And they demonstrate with solid facts that by every objective measure, the public schools of Georgia are doing a better job now than they were over the past six or seven decades. The “reformers” aren’t solving any real problems by their constant carping about the public schools.

It’s Time to Reform the Reformers

Jim Arnold & Peter Smagorinsky

Jim Arnold recently retired from the superintendent’s position of the Pelham City, GA Schools and blogs at Peter Smagorinsky is Distinguished Research Professor of English Education at The University…

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