“Deans for Impact”: A Potential, “Teacher-prep Charter” Petri Dish?

Dr. Schneider’s analysis of this newly formed coalition of deans highlight our infatuation with terms such as data driven, metrics, monitoring, achievement scores. It’s amazing how these deans are easily hooked into following a hedge fund guy. I was thrilled to note that Georgia State University, where I am Emeritus Professor of Science Education, was not on the list.

Schneider documents is group’s history, and if you are a professor or student at any of the collaborating universities you might want to give your Dean a call.


Benjamin Riley has started a new organization called Deans for Impact. The goal is to streamline teacher preparation to produce ever-higher student test scores. Members agree to be “data driven” and to use “common metrics and assessments.” Why, Deans for Impact are even considering incorporating value-added into their measures of “teacher effectiveness.”

And, oh, yes, member deans agree to be “transparent and accountable.” A bumper sticker for corporate reform. How novel.

Wait– there’s more:

These deans are going to “identify a common understanding of what educators should know and be able to do by the time they finish their training.”

Teacher-prep Common Core?

Sounds like Deans for Impact is decidedly on its way to becoming standardized– the clarion call of all that touches K12 education according to corporate reform.

Now, I know you’ll be surprised to learn that Riley was formerly with a “nonprofit” that specializes in privatizing public education…

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